The Latest Local Market Statistics for North Idaho

Has the local real estate market in your area piqued your curiosity? It has peaked mine as well. That is why every month I review trends in our local real estate market. I do this by evaluating the number of homes on the market in each pricing tier, and the amount of time these homes have been on the market for sale. How long it took them to sell. I check specific neighbourhood trends, the median price range and the amount of square footage each home has, and how much it sold for and so much more. I invite you to do the same here on this website. 

Local Market Reports sent Directly to You

If you sign up here you can receive your own MARKET REPORT, emailed to you as often as you like. The report will contain current information on transactions that are pending, transactions that are still active. As for the SOLD transactions please CONTACT ME for that information. Because North Idaho is a non-disclosure state that is not something that is easy to access without a license. It is a good thing that it is non-disclosure it helps to keep our taxes lower than other states that disclose the sales price. You can, however, review your area on a larger scale if you like too. You can refine your search to include properties all around your specific city or even county you choose. As you notice the price and sale trends please feel free to contact me to answer any of your questions. 

I am more than happy to fill you in on any details that are not listed on the report and to best help you determine the value of your current home or the value of any home you may be looking to purchase. This tool is just a really good way for you to get a good idea of what home values are in your area and what homes are selling for. Let me know if I can assist you in any way as you explore and get to know your local real estate market better.