How's the market? That depends, do you want to buy, sell, invest or flip a property!

To answer that question the most effectively is all about knowing the local housing market. Taking the most effective move in any market is crucial to maximizing your real estate portfolio. As an area expert, I can help determine what direction the market is trending, so you can make the right choices when it comes to your biggest investment. 


My Books 

I have 4 books that may help kickstart what would be your best next choice. I will be adding more as I go along but for now these should be able to answer most of your questions and help to guide you in your next best steps. Just click on the book you would like to read, and a digital copy will populate for you. If you would rather have me send you a physical copy let me know and I am happy to stick one in the mail to you as well. Please give me a call if you want to know what your buying power is, if you discover you have no idea of your homes value or if you just want to invest in a couple of rentals. I am always here to help. 


Accredited Buyer Rep,Senior Real Estate Specialist, Real Estate Advisor 208*755*4550


         Buyers Guide Book

           Sellers Guide Book

       Downsizing Guide Book

         Divorce Guide Book